We are Here to do the Work we Love- right?

edited by C. Wilson

Some of us know that when the job market tightens can be one of the most uncertain times for many.  During these times thinking about doing “the job you love” can swiftly appear to be an impossible feat or a “pipe dream.” 

When times like this happen in life most of us just want a job – almost any job to get some income and keep our apartments, homes and the level of living we have become comfortable experiencing daily

When we hear life and motivation coaches announce to us that this can actually be the best time to really work on the livelihood that you can love to do – subconsciously we can think that is for others not yourself.  Prominent thoughts can arise such as – Does it even work at all?  Who are these people who have the luck or the connections to find the livelihood that they really love? 

We can definitely use this “downtime” constructively as we are working jobs for income or are settling for the work we can get for now.

We can use this time to also address that somewhat consistently nagging feeling that may not go away to get the training for the livelihood you really desire for the future.

Beginning the process of researching online for the next job, livelihood or career you desire to experience can be accomplished in between or after hours from the job.   Or this can be the time to begin to research the process of branching out on your own to start your own business.

Who knows – even though this somewhat chaotic time appears to be the wrong time – there may never be the right time.

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