Careers and Livelihoods – Aries Leo and Sagittarius

by C. Wilson

FIRE Element Sun Signs – Aries Leo Sagittarius

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The Fire Element Signs are ARIES LEO and SAGITTARIUS.  Fire Signs are spontaneous and passionate about their beliefs. 


Beginning with the first Sun Sign of the Astrological Circle ARIES – Fire Signs can react impulsively when moved by an idea, goal or even a person who holds their interest.

  • ARIES can be an initiator and innovator when it comes to anything new.
  • Aries is a Cardinal Sign along with three others – Cancer Libra and Capricorn.
  • Aries like to keep busy and appears to never take time for rest. 
  • Aries has an agile mind especially when it comes to ideas. 


LEO is the second Fire Element Sign and is the Fifth Sun Sign.  Leos can be magnanimous and can also focus on their goals at the same time. 

  • LEO is a Fixed Sign Mode and are passionate and enjoy being around people.  They are loyal to those close to them. 
  • Leos enjoy taking ideas from seemingly out of the air and making them into something for many to admire or experience if possible.
  • Leos enjoy the company of friends and family. 
  • In working environments Leos prefer to be the person in charge.


SAGITTARIUS are of the Mutable Sign Mode and is the Ninth Sign in the Astrological Circle.

  • SAGITTARIUS can be fiery and courageous and can be a lot more flexible than either Aries or Leo.
  • Sagittarius can be philosophically or spiritually guided leaders.
  • Sagittarius can also be a deep source of wisdom for those around them. When those close to them are going through some difficult times Sagittarius are the most encouraging for others.
  • Sagittarius has some great gifts and can be beneficial to many in their life.

Many Fire Sign natives can be courageous and some can exhibit a good deal of pride.  Fire Signs can feel it is their “right” to take the lead.  Fire signs can also exhibit bravery and they initiate and innovate new or unique ideas.

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