Pisces Cancer Scorpio – Careers and Livelihoods

by C. Wilson

Pisces Cancer and ScorpioWATER Element Sun Signs


Pisces have an abundance of creativity that can be applied within many avenues of livelihoods and careers.

One livelihood that many Pisces are attracted to and have an uncanny understanding of is technology.  Most of the data movement and hardware that we use has hidden elements that many Pisces can understand.

When Pisces exhibit patience determination and self-confidence they can make use of their highly creative inspirations and some can receive local and global recognition.

Many Pisces feel they are here to be of service to help others as they use these skills in practical careers such as attorneys, physicians or in health care careers.

Many Pisces are visionaries and can anticipate various avenues to bring their ideas into reality. 

Some Pisces possess both inventiveness and imagination which can allow for some future-oriented creations in the arts film and fashion among other creative and practical avenues.


When Cancers are in their own zone the variety of creations they can produce are endless.

Many Cancers have the knack of putting positive spins on events and situations which can lead to careers in event planning, hospitality or any career that merges earning an income and providing comfortability for others.

Cancers have the ability to come up with captivating ideas that can be transformed into successful livelihoods for many. 

Cancers intelligence coupled with their creativity can have an outlet to express within livelihoods in technical, practical or artistic forms

Some Cancers may have to be very aware to continue to express the huge array of talents they possess even while devoting themselves to partners, children and others in their life.

Cancers are hard workers and can benefit emotionally when they are able to release the pressure of making money and focus on their artistic abilities.  Cancers can be very creative.


Scorpios have a practical side and many like to be very hands-on when learning and applying new skills in Technical and Engineering livelihoods.

Scorpios enjoy staying mentally and physically active within their livelihoods and are very receptive to their working environment. 

When changes must occur at work many Scorpios have learned to sit with and mentally marinate on the ideas that come to them before telling anyone about them or initiating the idea into a new project. 

Some Scorpios use the natural gifts and talents they have perfected over time in the most creative ways picking up information, vibes and impressions within their workplaces.

The firmness and unwavering belief many Scorpios have in their ideas can amount to some creative breakthroughs.

When a person under the sign of Scorpio intensely focuses on and targets a goal many have an ability to see that goal or goals come to fruition sooner or later. 

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