Persisting through the downs and the Ups

Having a great idea is important.  Planning how the idea will work is also important.  Some of the most important attributes are focusing and working toward your dream, idea or goal until it is accomplished.  Rarely are dreams, ideas and goals accomplished without determination and perseverance. Determination perseverance and persistence, the definitions are interchangeable because … Continue reading Persisting through the downs and the Ups

Gemini loves information

Gemini is the sign of general information and communication. Gemini's thoughts are fast and the speed can be furious. Gemini's thoughts are so quick if can appear they can accomplish the impossible feat of mentally holding two thoughts simultaneously at the same time.  They cannot but they come very close. A thought can occur to … Continue reading Gemini loves information

Capricorns are really loyal

Once a Capricorn discovers that someone gets them ...they are very faithful to that friendship. Many people offer assistance to Capricorns only when they are asked because the Capricorn native appears to have everything under control.  If a Capricorn friend, relative or coworker in your life is asking for your help - be clear they … Continue reading Capricorns are really loyal