Are you creative – or – are you not?

edited by C. Wilson

Creativity has been put into a box – it has been pigeon-holed.  To be more specific the word “creativity” has at times been put into a narrow box.  That box usually describes someone being very “artistic.” 

Being artistic in all of its forms including painting, drawing, photography, 3D creations, sculpting, creative writing and much more has been shown to be a necessary slice of human socialization, growth and development from ancient times through today.

Those who are considered to be successful within their careers, livelihoods and jobs are making use of creativity in many obvious and not so apparent avenues as many perform and express their work.

Creativity can and does extend into areas of working life that is not really seen as being creative in many capacities.  Take accounting for example. This career area does not appear to have anything to do with creativity.  Organizations that inspire creativity in the scope of work and services provided to others such as nonprofits require accurate accounting practices. 

Financial planners are usually not considered in the artistic realm but those who express creativity or discover creative avenues to reach their own and their clients’ financial goals are probably most sought after organizations or individuals in their field.

Other careers that are not really considered to have a level of creative expression can include – being a manager.  A good number of people working in various organizations have goals of becoming or of getting promoted to become a manager. 

Effective managers are some who have natural gifts or have creatively developed their talents of understanding and meeting the needs of those they are managing for successful and results oriented working environments.  These managers use their creative gifts to successfully navigate their projects, teams and groups into successful outcomes that can eventually transfer into profits for their organizations.

Most realize that “creativity” itself has not been put into a box.  Various expressions of creativity can be defined as vast and limitless.  The work, careers, livelihoods and callings we are involved in can be somewhat limitless expressing the many creations and iterations and the avenues of the work we do. 

It helps to be or become opened minded and focus on creative ways or means to express your individual creative ideas, solutions and potential paths in whatever area or field or career you are expending your energy and time towards. 

There is an abundance of creativity we can tap into and in a variety of forms as we work to achieve our practical and creative successes.

4 thoughts on “Are you creative – or – are you not?

  1. I totally agree that creativity can express itself in a variety of professions . . . the manager, the illustrator, the poet, the stay-at-home mom keeping kids entertained but safe, the mechanical engineer, etc. Good post!

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  2. I agree too. Prior to becoming a professional writer, I’ve always had “cool” jobs in publishing companies or in the music industry, doing everything from data entry to customer service to accounting. Being a groove with your working environment is creative all in itself, which is why I see myself as more of a “Happy Monday” person as opposed to a “Thank God it’s Friday” person. A person who finds creativity in situations that are not considered creative by others, is in fact creative! How cool is that? It’s all in your perspective and a healthy mind will see creativity in everything. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for your comment – especially enjoyed that you see yourself as “Happy Monday” person as opposed to a “Thank God it’s Friday” person” and “It’s all in your perspective and a healthy mind will see creativity in everything” – enjoyed your comment and thanks for following the blog!

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