Sagittarius don’t hold yourself back any longer – you can go for a Career that Excites You!

by C. Wilson

Sagittarius this ever-changing livelihood landscape can be one of the most important times to explore and direct your interests toward a career that excites you.  Along with considering an interesting career financial and income potential within every career is important.  This can be the time to make the greatest use of your most important natural gifts and talents that you may have had in a long time.

There are a variety of careers Sagittarius can really excel within.  Some key characteristics in a career that Sagittarius could discover includes some level of satisfaction or contentment among a variety of other many other factors:  When reading about these attributes other Sun Signs may also resonant with the key career characteristics that Sagittarius can enjoy within a career.

  • Within a career many Sagittarians have a need to express the freedom to be whom they are.  Some Sagittarius follow the beaten path and many others feel they must do and feel what is right for them within a given career.
  • Sagittarius brings with them a curious intelligence.  Many Sagittarius have a love of learning.  This is not always within formal education – many learn during and after formal education while others learn through the school of hard knocks.  Some Sagittarius are open to learning about different and other cultures.  Many under this sign can naturally be fair and impartial individuals as they soak up knowledge within everyday interactions with friends, neighbors and those they happen to randomly meet.
  • Other important characteristics some Sagittarius focus on when considering new career options can be whether a livelihood choice is exciting or adventurous enough to hold and keep these Sun Sign natives varied and vast interests. 

Many Sagittarius can feel they accomplish much when their career allows freedom in a number of areas including a belief that what they do on a daily basis can or will make a constructive impact for others.  Other Sagittarius will stay within a career or livelihood for many reasons – including raising families, satisfaction of reaching a long held career goal and of course for financial reasons.

Sagittarius can have strong interests in writing and expressing their own opinions ideas and viewpoints.  Many Sagittarians have great stories, fables and real life experiences within them just waiting to bubble out.

“Not so average” Creative Writing Careers Sagittarius can be interested in:

Biographers – Content Writers – Creative Writers – Editorial Writers – Media Planners – Media Specialists – Public Affairs Managers – Public Affairs Specialists – Publicists

Far-from-Ordinary Artistic Writing Career Choices for some Sagittarius:

Advertising Copywriters – Playwrights ­- Screenwriters – Songwriters

Sagittarius can feel that this very changeable time can be an opportunity to try something different in their career life.  

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